Personal rant -> why am I considering changing WP for Android?

First of all sorry for my English, I hope it's understandable enough :D

Official apps as web wrappers.
Other official apps are lower quality than on iOS/Android.

I like my Lumia 920. I really do. Hardware wise I love it! But frankly, Windows Phone is limiting it.

After watching WWDC (Apple event) and Google I/O and seeing what iOS8 and Android "L" are bringing, I am starting to ask myself "What am I still doing on Windows Phone?"


I mean, I am almost completely in Microsoft ecosystem. I use Exchange, Outlook, Visual Studio, Azure, HealthVault, OneDrive, I am learning and developing in C#. I have Windows PC, Windows laptop and Windows tablet. I am considering Xbox. Everything else is working good enough and I am satisfied but Windows Phone is the biggest letdown from all. Yeah, I know, Windows Phone 8.1 fills most of gaps but yet - it fills gaps until iOS7 and Android KitKat who are almost one year on market.

With Microsoft transforming into devices and services company I have access to every service I use via Android or iOS.

Wish: I want faster performance.
Answer: .NET Native, optimized apps. Faster camera and more APIs.
Reality check: .NET Native will be mainstream in Threshold, over a year from now.


Wish: More official apps.
Answer: Major ones are coming. Banking and smaller, local apps - nope.
Reality check: They are bad (Android and iOS alternatives are way better), just look at Pinterest (pathetic), Xbox Music, Skype... Their counterparts on other platforms just - work.

W: Better sync with PC/cloud/TV
A: Half baked.
R.C.: Same as for performance -> I need to wait over a year to see some real advances.

Generally - everybody says Lumia Cyan will fix performance, bring new stuff and some official apps will come with official WP8.1 release to other phones. However, I am not sure those improvements will matter. I think I will switch to Android again.


This rant is because I want MS to make Windows Phone better but waaaaaaaay faster that this. WP8.1 came more than 14 months after WP8. If it came after 6 months - that would be okay. Microsoft needs to speed up DRASTICALLY.

I consider myself a true fanboy. That's why I rant -> I want MS to be better so I can recommend it to more and more people, to show them why MS is not what it used to be. If users say "WP iz da best, Lagdroid suckzzz, Applezors fagOS suckzorzzz !!!1!!1" then MS won't be motivated to go forward. If people weren't vocal about WP disadvantages then probably we wouldn't see almost nothing new in WP8.1 like we do.

My post here is to make people realize that we need to criticise, recommend, improve all the time so we could have better experience.