i've fallen out of love with my LG G2 *damn GPS*

My G2 has been flawless for me for 6 months.

I don't know if it's something gone bad in the phone, or a Google maps update, but last week on vacation I saw more GPS signal lost errors and Navigation telling me to turn right only meaning to tell me to turn left, and also not talking to me at all.

It's been cutting off speaking commands in full and saying things like "in a quarter mile turn left on..." leaving out the street name, only to repeat it in full a few seconds later. It's done that since day one.

All that said I can JUMP in 3 weeks.

What should I jump to?

I'm thinking the M8. I had an HTC One M7 and loved it.

I can JUMP every 6 months so I'm not worried about the Nexus whatever in September.

My needs are decent camera, good audio, and dependable GPS.

The SD card is a nice add on but since I have unlimited data I don't really NEED it.

I considered a Windows phone but they have the 925 and nothing newer.

What else should I look at?