Broke my Nexus 5 - Buy Another or a Different Phone Altogether?

So I dropped it, broke the screen, had a crappy replacement screen put on and now I want to buy a new phone. I currently have the White N5 and am thinking about replacing it with the black one, same model, 32 GB. Priorities to me are pure or pure-ish Android and preferably not requiring ROM installation to get it there. So I like the Nexus platform and would consider the Google Play Edition versions of other phones.

Also, I'm not interested in an iPhone as my employer has already provided me an iPhone 5S so I'll stick with an Android phone for my personal one.

Currently they only GPE phones in stock are the HTC One (M8) but it's $700, and the Moto G which is probably too low end as I'm used to more flagship model phones. I looked at the Moto X as well but not sure about it for the same reason.