Google's art of Planned Obsolescence

I will not be purchasing a single LG / Google product ever again.

From a few months before my warranty expired, quite conveniently, my soft touch buttons on my Nexus 4 stopped working. At first I thought it was a fault of my own, but after some digging I found that there was a 15 page forum thread on Google's own product forums documenting the issue.

The issue ever so conveniently occurred after the 4.4.2 update, causing issues globally for users of the Nexus 4, which was a capable device. From Google's oblivious and mocking replies to the customers who made it who it is today, it's the figurative equality to taking a large shit on people who cared about them.

Not only this, but the hardware issue, which causes the device to overheat and destroy the lower panel of the screen, was conveniently planned for almost exactly 18 months after the purchase date of the device, which is what Google said themselves.

It's not acceptable. The sheep everywhere will continue to purchase and confide in mother Google, when people deserve a better experience for spending so much money on a device that benefits Google. Who's to say that they won't do the same with the consumer release of Glass, only with a much larger price tag, to rake money from its customers and slather its wealthy investors with?

Google, I am disappointed and I mean I won't be buying another product from you.