OSX/iOS "Copy" Criticisms

Regardless of platform I have literally never understood criticisms of platforms taking features from other platforms. It's one thing to be Samsung, have no taste, and copy a product's look and feel whole-sale in an attempt to sell more devices. If you aren't copying or improving on the features that your competitors are introducing and have shown to be successful among consumers, what are you doing to improve your platform? Android copied buttloads from iOS last cycle, and good for them.

I find it stunning how much criticism Apple has received for things like predictive/third-party keyboards, when people have been criticizing them for centuries now for not having those features! Or apps not being able to talk to one another.

It's even more hilarious considering that Apple did announce at least one entirely new and innovative feature with all the continuity stuff. No one else is doing that. Google can't really and Microsoft probably won't be able to with their terrible ecosystem.

Bottom line: If you aren't copying the competition in this industry you're going to fall behind.