The messenger gets a warning... (Thx.) Now I fell like a Frenchie recon pilot in 1940...

So I get a long warning, (If you could please email it to me, cause it was very long and I pushed acknowledge too fast to read all of it, but I do remember that you mentioned the Apple convention) because I speak the truth.

I am used to that, being a data analyst on macro movements by profession my "warnings" are not always appreciated by those who do the trading.

My warning was to the reviewers, it does not help to ignore Samsung, they are no joke, it is a predatory company very interested in controlling every market they enter. They have taken over shipbuilding, they dominate the TV market, are dominant in display technologies, make the memory and SOCs of their products and of most other products like those from Apple.

Vertical integration, you know. If you downplay Samsung advances in order to help Apple, you are helping no one! In fact this is what the big three did when the Japanese started to enter the US car market, they used their marketing muscle and influence with the press only to find out down the road, that the satisfied customers of Japanese cars were the best advertising for the Japanese competition.

Let me apologize for offending anyone when I used the words snobs and ilk. Also for not participating in the comments, because I wanted to do this later this week as I am always very busy the first week of the month.

As to using the example of the German Ardennes offensive in 1940, I am historically entitled to use such examples as my grand mother, which was of German origin but lived in the Ardennes and had a French passport, worked for one of the monkies that did not surrender... Guy called De Gaulle, I think you might find him in some books. She saved many people from SS vengeance executions while on the other hand informing the FFI on where to neutralize the SS officers and also visiting places like Hamburg to give first hand evidence of the efficiency of RAF bombing raids. You know... Stuff that gets you shot if you get caught.

I am not saying that Samsung are Nazis, but that they are not to be under estimated, they have a plan and they will execute it. This plan will ultimately not be beneficial for Samsung's competitors.

Now I feel like that Frenchie recon pilot that just came back from a low altitude flight over the Ardennes and gets a "warning" from his commander, that I should not talk about this false information concerning tank columns on the narrow streets which I did see. Hmm... See you in Dunkirk!

Still not sure why I got a warning... So please send me that email with the Warning explanation, so I can read it in full. Thank you.