Am I the only one that finds Apple's new aesthetics ugly?

My biggest technological regret was updating to iOS 7. Ever since, I've searched out ways to get my old iOS and apps back, now that my restore is gone and Apple doesn't sign iOS registration anymore. As much as I like many of the new updates, I hate the glass-like flatness of their new aesthetic. It's so inhuman it makes nauseous. Whenever I use iOS 7 a nagging persists in the back of my head. It's the same feeling I get from using Windows, which I generally dislike. It has a robotic tastelessness to its presentation.iOS was showing its age, but it was cozy. iOS 6 was something I enjoyed touching and using. I know Joshua Topolsky has shared so pretty major disappointment with the interface before, but beyond him I've never heard anyone complain. It hardly makes sense to me.