R.I.P iPhone 4


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We must take this time to have a moment of silence for the iPhone 4, Apple's innovation at its finest. In my opinion this phone is still one of the most beautifully designed phones to ever hit the market. It was the first iPhone I ever owned, being a Verizon customer, and I still use it today to browse Cydia from time to time. It had its growing pains, from being lost in a bar, to antenna-gate, to the questionable stability of a glass back. All could be forgiven because of that amazing Retina display and solid build construction. And who could forget bringing FaceTime to the masses. I remember my first FaceTime call went to my Grandma, freaked her out to the point of complete confusion. The iPhone 4 will always be remembered and deserves a spot in the Smithsonian. What's your fondest memories of the late and great iPhone 4?