Does ios 8 and delayed release of LG G3 (july??) cause you to rethink next purchase

I have posted here often and am not trolling- my story so people dont have to read my history- have iphone 4s- want to mix it up with android. bought the LG G2 from ebay (used) a month ago- loved it but resold it as it battery issues (I suspect I got a lemon). That convinced me I wanted to switch back to Android in the near future.

I was all in on the LG G3 and if it was available at launch, I would be holding it now. But it isnt and if the UK/Europe is any indication, it may not be available here until July (speculation i realize)

Now, I'm confused. if iOS is more "open", such as better keyboards, maybe jumping ship is not a great decision.

In addition, the drum beats of the Note 4 (I'm sure rumors will "leak" in the months ahead) and other new releases give me pause in jumping on the LG G3 at launch. In my opinion, they blew it by not being ready on day 1. I'm still eager to see the device and review.. curious what others are thinking.

(note- I dont care so much about the 801/805 business as long as it reviews well...)