No Notification Sync in iOS 8?

I'm really impressed with what Apple have come up with for Yosemite and iOS 8, but I can't help wondering why Notification Sync still hasn't been implemented since it was mysteriously pulled from iOS 7 prior to launch.

Currently, unless the notification is one of a tiny selection of (Apple?) apps that actually do it, notifications do not sync between devices (iPhones, iPads and Macs). Not only this, but if you clear a notification on a device from within Notification Centre without opening the app, the 'unread' count on the related app's icon remains there until you actually open the app.

I don't see much discussion about this - does anyone else find this issue a bit maddening? I find it really hinders the usefulness and enjoyment of Notification Centre, and am quite surprised Apple have made so many improvements to Notification Centre but not addresses this rather fundamental problem.