Need user reviews of the Chromecast. My concerns before to buy are eventual lags !

Hi all :)

Well I'm about to buy either the Roku streaming stick or the Google Chromcast

Here's the hold up. I've been reading reviews of both of them and actually I'm more into the Chromecast mostly for the feature to stream my display laptop thought Google Chrome.

But in one review I've read that the Chromecast could lag sometime and be very annoying while watching.

They explained that by the fact that the Chromecast is not a standalone HUB and just stream the content from connected devices.

So I guess it means the Chromecast use twice wifi bandwidth as the ruku would do right ?

My smartphone will stream from internet the video, then to stream it to the Chromecast I'll also use my internet bandwidth is it right ?

Thanks for your answer guys :)