What Google Could Do for Developers

Google announced Chrome Apps for Android a while ago. Now rumors show Project Hera as an advanced form of Continuity with tasks syncing to other devices seamlessly. Think Chrome tab sync but it saves the state of what you were doing in the tab too.

Wouldn't it make so much sense if Google announced all Android apps will now be Chrome apps that have access to the hardware? Apps that required even more access to hardware could be in native code and run through PNC. This would also make Hera continuity easier. And Google could finalize Dart and give devs a great language to work with, something better than Java. And web based apps always have to take scaling into account so it would encourage devs to develop for multiple screens: watch, phone, tablet, desktop, TV.

Then Google could give an API for OK Google actions to make it way more flexible and app specific. Google could also open up the Google Now API and replace widgets with permanent Now cards that go at the bottom. This would give flexibility so widgets can go nearer the top when something important is coming up or go near the bottom when other things demand attention. And it would give Windows Phone-like consistency to the design.

I think this IO will be one of Google's biggest leaps yet.