Okay Google, how about copying some features from iOS please?

Watched the WWDC keynote yesterday, and like many others i was VERY impressed with the news from Apple. Not only did they copy quite a few features from android, but they did so in an elegant, clean way. Tempting to say the least, in my opinion. They also brought some completely new stuff to the table, but many things were "inspired" by competition.

Anyway, I wanted to ask the community here about which features of iOS, or maybe other platforms, they'd like Google to "borrow" for the next android version? I'm gonna start with some:

1. Backup

Need i say more? I know not everyone needs a complete phone backup and a lot of your data is stored in the google cloud, but i personally would love a simple solution for a full backup for my android phone.

2. something similar to iMessage, and that "phone via pc" thing

No doubt that iMessage is superior to Hangouts, with the exception of not being cross platform. Google theoretically has good services on hand (voice, hangouts, g+), time to connect that stuff and make it a seamless experience.

3. at least make all stock apps look&work the same

not much to add there, stock apps on android still look&work very different from each other. Not the best way to get developers to adopt a certain style

What are some features you'd like to see on android?