"Something major coming to WP" - What do you think about this teaser? [+SIDENOTE]

Over at WPCentral, they posted an article about a guy called @Barnacules hinting at something big to happen in the world of WP. "You want to hear a cool teaser though. Just wait for it...something is going to happen in the Windows Phone space that will upset the entire world across everything", the guy says. Then he adds "When I heard about it I thought - We can do that??...." He also adds that he's not allowed to tell anybody what it is.

I normally wouldn't pay much attention to this, but the fact that WPCentral are hyping this up by saying "Wait for it...something major is coming to Windows Phone!" makes me wonder if maybe the guys at WPCentral know that this is in fact true.

So here are my questions to you guys:

  • Does anybody know who that guy Barnacules is? What's his reputation?
  • What could they be talking about? Something "major" going to happen that will "upset" the world, that'll make you think "We can do that??..." sounds like it's something that hasn't been there before.



Assuming that Bernacules and WPCentral are not talking BS, there are a few conclusions one can draw from the way they're teasing it. Here's my analysis:

  • It's probably about some sort of technology. ("We can do that??"). That technology must be completely novel.
  • It's going to arouse attention across the whole mobile industry, not just WP ("will upset the entire world across everything" - meaning across the OSs, cause OSs are what they had been talking about before he said this)


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