Pretty much everybody I know hates their inbox.

It's not just email either, though it tends to take the brunt of everybody's anger. There are dozens of apps sending us hundreds of notifications; managing all that incoming information is a genuine hassle. Looking at the notification center on our phones, it's hard not to imagine some harried, 1930s office worker. His tie is loosened, sleeves rolled up, sweat beading on his forehead underneath a green visor as he looks at the metal tray marked "INBOX" on his desk. It's piled high with a stack of paper, sent to him from people he doesn't know and doesn't love.

But in this Kafkaesque world, it's not just people who want more work from him who are adding sheets to the pile. It's also people who want to tell him the weather, people who want to let him know there's a great deal on coffee down the street, people who want him to join his so-called friends in a conversation about some random television show. You'd offer to help, but honestly the best help you can think of is to just offer him a match.

Now imagine that inbox is strapped to his wrist. How could that possibly make his life better? That's the promise of Android Wear. Strange as it may seem, it does help, just a little.

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