Help Finding C/CS Mount Lens Solution

I am looking for a C or CS mount lens that can reasonably be expected to allow discernment of a single 3.75u pixel of a 1280x960 array even at the edges of the FOV. The lens can be true zoom or varifocal, but must have motorized zoom/focus and some kind of electronic iris (motorized/DC/video/p-iris).

I need the low end of the zoom range to be no more than 8mm and the high end to be no less than 16mm. Greater range is fine, but not at the expense of image quality. The lens I want may not exist. In that case, I'd be happy to hear ideas for a "best fit". Cost is not a factor at this point.

One additional (easier) challenge: I am also in need of a fixed 6mm lens (manual or DC iris) that can accomplish the same goal. I have found options for this, but very few give real quantitative numbers for specifications like line pairs/mm so any real world guidance on the best quality lens is appreciated.