WP Marketshare Drops In The US And Plummets In China- Is The Honeymoon Over?

3.8% down from 4.7% a year ago in the US. Even worse considering WP Marketshare peaked at 5.3% at the beginning of the year and has been on a downward trend since.

In china- one of the largest and fastest growing mobile markets in the world, things are even worse. WP marketshare stands at 0.6%, down from 3% a year ago.


Nearly 4 years since it's release, WP still has failed to gain traction among consumers and developers. It's not a problem with WP itself (it has a ton of potential), but more with MS's complete and utter failure to properly push and leverage it's platform.

Personally, I've been with WP since November 2010, and am fully invested in the MS ecosystem, but in the last few months have grown tired of the perpetual state of "catch up" WP has been in and the lack of synergy in the platform as a whole, and the lack of prioritization it gets from MS itself compared to the attention they give competing platforms. Meanwhile Apple and Google continue to refine, innovate, and further unify their respective platforms, while at the same time keeping a focus on making all these new features easy for consumers to access, and keeping developers happy and engaged. Anecdotally, all my friends and family who own WP's are looking to switch to either Android or iphones as soon as their contracts are up. The WindowsPhone sub on Reddit is also filled with many other dissatisfied first adopters looking to jump ship to another platform.

Reddit- How many of you will upgrade to another WP?

If rumors are true about a 4.7" iPhone coming, I'll probably be switching as well :/