So, it turns out smartwatches are all about style

But until I see a smartwatch that makes me do a double-take and then fling my wallet at a store clerk, my Seiko stays firmly on my wrist. It doesn’t do much, but it looks awesome. And that’s kind of the whole point.

This is from the reviews of the first two smartwatches running Android Wear. I must admit, I was a little disappointed at first: I had high hopes for Wear as a platform, but it doesn't seem to live up to those expectations in real life. I couldn't work out why - and then I got it.

The thing is, part of the reason the iPhone kick started wide scale acceptance of smartphones was because of its style. it looked good. People looked good using it.

People WANT to look good.

It is part of the main reason the wider public buy stuff - so others can see them with that designer top, that fast car and that pretty phone.

The point is: It doesn't matter how good Wear is at delivering notifications. If it isn't running on a beautiful device, it will never escape the niche market.

The 360 (with whatever problems it has that are keeping it back from release) is Wear's only hope.

What do you think? If the 360 doesn't deliver, will Wear survive long enough to get to the second (more beautiful) generation?