Getting an iPhone because you already use a Mac?

Currently on a samsung gs2 which is pretty old. I barely even use it anymore apart from calling and texting and its high time for an upgrade.

Anyway, I switched to mac in november with a rMBP 13" and its just a gorgeous piece of hardware and software. I just use it in a way I have never used a PC before. I was considering getting the iPhone 6 when it comes out mainly because its another Apple product and with stuff like continuity, i shall have a seamless integration with my Mac.

Unlike Macs, i feel that the iPhone does have a lot of close competition and doesn't blow all the other relevant products out of the water and with the Nexus 5, it seems overpriced.

I use my current phone very little (probably because it sucks) so I wonder whether it is worth getting an iPhone 6 despite the integration between products. Any suggestions?