OEM's stop updating on purpose....

I just saw molesarecoming and boghog argue about android being open and "open" in some other thread and moles said something like "oems put skins on and control supdates to make you buy a new phone". Well, we can't tell for sure, but it certainly would make sense if they did. I wouldn't blame them. Let's look at some facts about Android OEMs. They only make money off of hardware sales. The only way to differentiate is through skins, especially now as all phones seem to have identical specs. They have no other stream of revenue after the sale of the phone or tablet. When you look at that, can you really blame them? Well, yeah kind of, but there's someone else to blame too. Google. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Google takes a 30% cut on everything sold in the play store. While play store revenue isn't anywhere near Apple's appstore revenue, its still a significant amount.

Now let's go back to how after the initial sale, OEMS make no money. They have little to no incentive to update. They only make money if you buy a new phone. So what should Google do? Simple. Share some play store money.

Here's what I'm thinking: say I buy a $1.00 app on my Sony phone. 70% will rightfully go to the developer. Google gets the rest as it stands. But instead of that, they should take 20% and give 10% to Sony, since I used a Sony phone to download it. Same goes for HTC and the others. Use their phone to buy, they get 10%. This would mean, no matter how small, these OEMS get something after the initial sale and thus have little reason to *not* update. They'll be making some money. Now this goes for everything. Buy music through play music using a Galaxy, Samsung gets 10%. Movies? Same thing. Its a simple fix to a problem that doesn't need to exist.

So, what does the googleplex think? Good idea? Not so good? And why?