What are the top iOS 8 features you are excited about? and why?

Hear's mine

1. Notification center widgets

- I can't wait to create my own today view with interesting widgets that are accessible anywhere throughout the OS.

2. Continuity

- I'm very exited about the fact that I can start some thing on my phone and continue it on my iPad (I'm not a mac user).
Also can't wait to send sms messages from my iPad and make phone calls if that's possible.

3. 3rd Party keyboards

- I want to use a blackberry 10 like keyboard on my iPhone.

4. Interactive notifications

- Will save a lot of time.

5. Other Extensibility features

-Can't wait to see what developers come up with

6. Swift

- New programming language. New developers. Way more apps

7. "Hey Siri"

8. Health kit

-Intrested because of iWatch