People now buy phones the same way they do clothes: prioritizing looks, size, and brand over basic utility and functionality. That’s a problem for LG. The Korean company’s new flagship smartphone doesn’t look better than the HTC One, isn’t any smaller than the Sony Xperia Z2, and lacks the brand cachet of Samsung’s Galaxy S5. The G3 is the middle child of Android superphones. Unwilling to settle for averagely awesome, however, LG has done what LG usually does and gone wild with the specs.

The 5.5-inch G3 is the first global smartphone to feature a Quad HD display and its camera is the first to use a laser autofocus system. Tons of processing power and memory are augmented with wireless charging, a removable battery, expandable storage, and even an IR blaster to convert the phone into a TV remote control. As such, the G3 is a hugely practical device with a pair of features that threaten to be more than mere gimmicks. But does pragmatism justify the price? LG is diving into a sea of very good Android devices and, without HTC’s style or Samsung’s swagger, will have to prove its worth the old-fashioned way: by just being better than everyone else.