Nonsensical Android vs iOS8 Discussions on the Internet

Yes with iOS8, Apple has many introsuced features like Better battery management, App2App Sharing, Widgets & third party Keyboards. These might be existing on Android from a long time & now Apple is incorporating it since it feels its a good thing.

So does that mean Apple was incompetent compared to Android all these years?

I have loved iOS even without these. I know these features do make the whole experience even awesome & iOS8 is simply going to be mindblowing.

Apple are in Smartphone game from past 8 years and they know what they are doing. If there was no Android in this world may be Apple would have taken more time, but it would have introduced these features in may be iOS 9 or iOS 10 one by one.

How on earth, can having these features even justify those meaningless arguments that Apple copied from Android? These features are not patented and cannot be patented.