Striking the balance between control and freedom

I would like to highlight that I do not wish to talk about who copied who here. I wanna discuss who might do it better.

The primary reason Android has had widgets, interactive notifications and third-party keyboards, comes from its openness. Basically, developers can almost do whatever they wanna do. That's almost total freedom.

But it lacks coherence. Lacks quality control. For example, KakaoTalk for Android shows a new message at the middle of the screen, right in your face, such that you can reply to it. Not great UI. Interactive notifications in iOS must follow the banner style, which means it can never abruptly cover your content. Managing multiple third-party keyboards on Android is also very messy.

I've been watching Apple's developer session videos, and every Notification Centre widget, every extension, has to follow a certain structure, a certain format. I think Apple is trying to strike a balance between control and freedom, for the best possible user experience.

Sure, we need to wait till the release of iOS 8 to see if this hold true. Still I am very excited. I just have a feeling iOS 8's implementation will be deliver a better overall experience and that it will enable me to do so much more. Because, just as iOS apps and games have been better than Android counterparts, when iOS decides to do something, it almost always does it better.

What do you think? If you are a developer/have some technical knowledge your opinions will be greatly appreciated :)