Looking to downsize

So, currently I have a Sony RX100 Mk II, and a Nikon D3200. For the D3200 I have the 35 1.8G, a 50mm manual and the kit 18-55. While it is nice to have the DSLR and portability, I really don't like having two different cameras, and would like the compact size, yet same quality in a compact package. The RX100 Mk. II is great, but it doesn't have a viewfinder.The thing is, I think I'm looking to downsize to one do-it-all device, and I think I've pretty well settled on the X100s. The only thing is, I would have to go about selling all my gear, to be able to afford the X100s.

Any suggestions or advice as to go about selling my gear and/or trading to the X100s?