Alright Turncoats: What'll Make You Stay?

I was watching the Apple WWDC keynote on my day off, and it looks like Apple has a lot of cross-functionality coming to it OS X and iOS (and literally between ONLY to those things). Many of those new features, I noticed, are not only prominently displayed in Android, but are used (unfairly) as weapons by Android fanboys claiming that Android is the superior mobile operating system. The news made me feel that many longtime Android fans might be swayed by a feature parity between the two ecosystems, but upon browsing the forums, I saw the converse. Hundreds (if not thousands) of posts from people who had switched to Android out of frustration with iOS were practically typing the ads to sell their Android devices in anticipation of the Apple Hardware keynote this Fall. Was the reason people tried Android really as inane as missing some features? Continuity only really matters if you already own more than 2 iOS and OS X products. Was Family Sharing the killer feature that every clan had to have? Is the stock keyboard on iOS REALLY that terrible that people ran out for a Galaxy S 5? Are you That Guy who is thrilled to not need to buy another iOS device just to enjoy next year's Infinity Blade on your iPad 2?

Irrelevant conjecture aside, since so many former iOS users are ready to run back to the warm embrace of the now Tunneling Garden, I have to ask: With Google I/O a mere 3 weeks away, what would compel you to stay in the land of Andy the Android?