Setting up a Mac for a new user

Okay this may seem like a noob question, but I'm new to owning a computer running OS X. I'm going to be taking my dad's old MacBook Pro off his hands. He never upgraded to Mavericks because he hated the idea of using iCloud, so didn't to lose the functionality of syncing his iPhone and iPad by plugging them into the Mac.

So here's the question, when it comes to me setting up the Mac for myself, can I simply just set up a new user and delete his ? Then afterwards download Mavericks through my Apple ID on the the Mac App Store ?

Or will I have to go through the whole thing of rebooting into recovery and restoring it that way ?

If I have to go through the 2nd process, should I upgrade it to Mavericks before doing so ?

Your help would be really appreciated, Thanks !