Since ios8 launched a lot lot has been said about the latest from cupertino.

But in this post i would like to take a jab at a feature that had had become the juggernaut of all ios vs android arguments,well err...widgets.Android had it since its inception.Apple's beta has not even seen a week.But now i think its not about having widgets or not anymore its about implementation.


-the widget system google insists on having is that your widgets live on your home screen with your icons, which like every other thing is very much customization friendly like android it self.


-then theres the newcommer.apple is late to the party sure.it has its widgets one swipe away from you at all times in the notification center.but (till now)i dont think these widgets are as cabable or actionable as those on android.so this is how widgets are in apples world.

now this is where the difference lies though both OSes have widgets their fundamentals are radically different.

-the way android proposes tough more customisable are as i don't know effortless.first of all you need to pan around and search for the widget u require.where in on ios they are all in the notification center in one neat scrollable list.finally the primary function of widgets is to provide glanceable information quickly and efficiently an this where apple nails it.on android seeing widgets is like a chore an unnatural process while u are in the middle of something.this is where apple nails it.

-the design of each widget is so different that they don't look like part of a unit(well that may not be a bad thing to some)but i think thats the main reason icons on android suck big time as there is no uniformity.and on the other hand apple provides a more unified solution.

-And because widgets on android are lack accessibility google had to come up with lockscreen widgets where on ios 1 elegant solution works for all scenarios.

these are my 2 cents.

any counter arguments are welcome