Google has less and less differentiating factors from iOS

Now that iOS8 has been announced with all those new features, it seems that iOS has planted its winning flag. I mean, what else does Google offer that iOS doesn't?

Hardware wise, Google once had micro sd cards, removeable batteries, large screens - but for some reason they shunned these features and basically became an iPhone - no sd card slot, non-removable battery, and iphone6 will probably get a larger display, an advantage android users always boast about.

Software, everything Google creates is available on the App Store. But it's not the same the other way around - you dont get itunes, and other apple apps on Android. Soon with in-app communication, widgets, notifications getting better - Android really looks like its struggling to offer something better. Oh and don't forget that rooting will become much complicated, so that's not an advantage of Android anymore. Not to mention, again, that iOS looks smooth as silk, yet Android still stutters in Kit Kat. How many years has this continued?

I really feel for Google. It's gonna be a tough future ahead.