Windows 9 - what I expect


1.) I think it is time for Windows to leave x86-only and to use x64 only. Why?

Majority of users have 64bit processors and 2/4 gigs of RAM, even more. Even weak-ass Atom CPUs are getting into 64bit so next year there will be no x86-only chips on the market.

2:) Next up - cut support for pre-Windows Vista software. Remove legacy stuff like MS-DOS compatibility and ActiveX or make it as add-on for those who need it. Slim down Windows in every possible way but yet make them extensible. Let us see that MinWin paradigm shine!

3.) Remove drivers for legacy devices. Reason - slim down driver database and make rest of it available for download via Windows Update.

Fun fact - my Windows tablet has floppy drive drivers. What the fuck.

4.) Redesign PC Settings and divide it into Simple and Advanced Mode. Simple mode containt basic settings and possibility to be customized by adding some features from Advanced Mode.

Advanced Mode contains everything from Control Panel. That way Control Panel can be removed. Great thing for touch enabled machines and to reduce time spent in legacy mode.

5.) Cortana. Simple as that.

6.) I was impressed by iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite. Apple introduced features that are simply unbeliveable Microsoft didn't made (another sign Microsoft is still lost and, frankly, stupid to realise that).

Ability to send SMS/MMS from PC. Same for calls. Seamless transition from PC to phone and vice versa with unfinished job waiting on other device.


7.) Redesign desktop, remove those hideous icons and update them to be more in line with Metro interface. Make it way more touch friendly with ability for OS to recognized what input is primary. If touch input is primary then dekstop windows should be bigger and easier to select. Something like Touch Mode in Office 2013. Also, use space more efficiently.

8.) Find my phone/Ring/Lock features from Windows Phone should be moved to Windows. Reason: safety, location awareness.

Slight offtopic - Find my phone wont work on Windows Phone 8.1, at least in my case. Do you guys have similar issue?