Intentionally misleading Verge movie reviews?

SPOILERS AHEAD (Edge of Tomorrow and Godzilla)

I jsut came back from watching the Edge of Tormorrow. I cannot believe the Verge review. The reviewer cannot have watched the same movie.

"Edge of Tomorrow is much smarter and sharper than you’d expect"

No, it is not. Alien blood makes Tom Cruise jump back in time. That’s it. All explained in 3 lines in the movie. The rest is meaningless action. If that is the "standard" adopted by screenplay writers they cannot have a very high opinion of their audience. And please nobody give me "then why do you go the cinema?" Simply spoken, I still go from time to time because there is no other option. Every once in a while I give it a shot. I love the cinema. But what we are presented with is meaning s**t, sequels and prequels (= zero creativity) of once beloved franchises, milked as long as they make a profit at the box office. But I am digressing.

In the Edge of Tomorrow review the author says: "But the film is more of a typical Cruise vehicle in that it focuses primarily on crafty, muscular sequences that are accented by the actor’s emotional intensity, lending the action an empathetic, human dimension."

Who writes like this? Too far up his own … Seriously, first Godzilla, now this polished turd of the movie. You cannot trust any reviews on the web anymore. They must all be paid to write misleading reviews. The Verge Godzilla review was the biggest slap in the face.

Let me quote from the Godzilla review: "Bryan Cranston is the anti-Heisenberg as the broken-down and paranoid Joe, and it’s his grief over his personal loss that slingshots the movie forward." Cranston’s character dies after 15 minutes. 15 f*****g minutes. When I was watching the movie with my friends half the people in the cinema turned their heads, looking at each other. WTF? Walter White dies after 15 minutes? The trailer suggested otherwise. The Verge review was deliberately misleading. After Cranston’s death we where left with CGIs and a main character whose facial expression suggested an IQ of 75, for two hours.

But back to the Edge of Tomorrow.

"No matter how convoluted some of the logic gets, the film always feels visually and narratively sophisticated"

What?! There is no convoluted logic in this movie. Cruise refines his strategy and learns something new about the enemy with each death. That's it. If the reviewer thinks it is convoluted I suggest he read some actual logic/philosophy, or soem sci-fi classics.

Don’t pay for this in the cinema! Haven’t read the book, but I can only imagine the movie comes nowhere close to it