High resolution contact photos - can this be automated?

Let's talk about something other than iOS8.

So, I got the 4.4.3 update yesterday. (#Holoyolo, Nexus4Life)

It's a bit unexciting since, as far as I can tell, the only user-facing change is the dialler.

That said, the new dialler is very nice - with one problem. Even more so than the previous dialler, it looks hideously ugly if you don't have high-resolution contact photos. This even more annoying becayse most of my contacts have, in fact, uploaded high-resolution photos of themselves to Google+. But for some reason, most of them had been converted those tiny 96x96 images that Google Contacts used to use.

However, I found that there's a way to fix this. If you go to Gmail on the web, click on Contacts, click the photo, select "Profile Photo", and then click "Set as contact photo", it replaces the low-resolution image with a high-resolution image from Google+. (Unless they don't have a Google+ account, obviously. But then why would you want them as a friend, trolol.) If you have the dialler app on your phone open when you do this, you can actually see the image switch to high-resolution in front of your very eyes. It's cool.

I just thought I would post this, first, in case someone else finds it useful, and second, to ask - is there a way that I could automate this process to make it apply to every contact on my phone? Ideally I would like every contact to have a high-resolution photo, if one is available. But I don't really feel like going through hundreds of contacts on Gmail and doing it manually for each one.