Polygon reporting vs The Verge reporting - Updated

Update: I erroneously published this post before I finalized it. For obvious reasons I changed the post title to Trolling Microsoft - Polygon reporting vs The Verge reporting.

For that I received a reprimand (a Verge Staffer named Shaun telling me "there is no bias, stop looking, it's imaginary, it doesn't exist") and the post was censored to kingdom come (66% of comments were deleted and the title changed back to what it first was when published).

I feel it is disingenuous to not allow fans of The Verge to express themselves yet all the while issues, like the one I illustrate below, are going on with the titles being used on the MAIN SITE.

Original Post: Basically I'm just here to say I don't like the way The Verge came off in the title and presentation of this news.


I wish they would have reported on it in the same fashion that Polygon did (which by the way went as far as to issue a Correction to clarify that unplugging the Kinect doesn't enable more power in the Xbox).


The point is, removing the Kinect doesn't offer the Xbox more power; articles should attempt to be CLEAR and from the beginning this particular article here on The Verge attempted to be misleading.

The actual news is saying that MS will soon issue an update to the SDK that will allow developers to use GPU render time that was previously reserved for Kinect.

The title that they used makes me wonder if they read the very news they are reporting on.