Windows 9 taskbar and start concept

I've been doing some thinking about how metro can scale more efficiently to desktop machines.

I think the previous start menu mockup that has been floating around is obscene. It looks atrocious. It continues to separate the 'modern' and 'traditional' environments in such an awfully jarring way.

For Windows to feel like one OS, not two pushed together, apps from both environments need to be treated equally. That means we launch, switch and manage them in the same way.

I wanted to design a taskbar and start menu that work in the same way they do on Windows 7, but look like they belong on Windows 8.

My taskbar


In the same way you can 'stick' and 'unstick' the ribbon in Office, you can stick the taskbar so it's open permanently, or have it hidden by default as the Windows 8 app switcher is at the moment.

I've switched it to the side for consistency - whether the taskbar is showing or hidden, app switching is managed from the left.

My start menu


Again, the start menu is flexible.

It can open as above - using only a little space as the Windows 8 menu does - or you can drag it to full-screen the same way you can with a snapped app.

When in 'snap' mode the content scrolls vertically, with all apps to the right. When in full-screen, the menu performs as it does currently on Windows 8.

What do you think?