Hangouts: Am I Missing Something?

I just sold my iPhone 5S and bought a Nexus 5. I don't hate iOS or anything, I just felt like trying something new and wanted a less-delicate phone with a larger screen. So far, I've enjoyed my new phone except for one major shortcoming:

Messaging! I find the messaging experience on Android to be pretty damn bad. it's perhaps the most common thing I use my phone for, other than internet browsing, and so far it's been very tedious.

Option 1: Message People Using Hangouts

The issue: very few people I know actually use hangouts with any regularity. It's not a messaging platform that they check so my intention of sending someone a message that I want them to have access to immediately is not fulfilled. I don't anticipate that society at large, especially iPhone users (and a lot of my friends are iPhone users), will start checking hangouts anytime soon.

Option 2: Message People Using SMS

The issue: on the receiving end, long SMSs are broken up into 160 character blurbs. That's not a good user experience, and it's 2014 for heaven's sakes. Furthermore, I can't type up these SMSs on my computer or use my computer to respond to SMSs. MightyText and equivalent apps don't work with the Hangouts app. So, they're not an option. And, like I mentioned, SMSs are an old technology and the technology shows its age through its user experience. There are no delivery receipts, long messages get broken up, it's dependent on your cell signal even when you have great wifi, etc.

Option 3: ??????

Is there a third option I'm not aware of? My friends don't all use What's App or anything like that. For the most part, they are iOS users and they iMessage one another. I'm not going to have any luck getting my social circle, which is older and less tech savvy, into using 3rd party messaging clients.

Does anyone else have a social circle that is less tech savvy and feel the same frustrations? I'd be happy if I could get all my friends on Hangouts, but it just won't happen.