3D screens and 3D Touch -- the next smartphone battleground?

3D might be making a comeback to smartphones -- but not in the way we know it from the previous HTC foray.

On June 18 Amazon will unveil what many believe will be a smartphone (or tablet) with some kind of 3D screen technology that opreates together with other sensors to "track" user orientation and most likely adjust content accordingly:


The Verge and now WPCentral are reporting on an upcoming Microsoft Mobile flaghip using "Touch 3D" technology, which apparently allows for off-the-glass input (first slated for the WP8.1 release but now apparently pushed back to November):



This 3D Touch seems ripe to exploit the Live Tiles on steroids from Microsoft Research:


Another Microsoft Research project using a field detector (that demonstrably works pretty good if you ask me):


So, is this next 3D wave a revolution or a gimmick?