Finally a personal finance app that looks awesome!

If you havent checked out ZenExpense yet.. I suggest you do! It has a few bugs since its and initial release but it looks very promising.

My main problem with finance apps is that they look dated and boring but this one has a huge focus on the UI, has both light and dark themes, and offers a new take on expense tracking.

It also offers suggested amounts to spend based on the targets i've set, which i haven't seen any other app do. Most other apps just tell me whats left from my budget but that doesn't help alot. I mean, its easy to know how much i'm left with but that doesn't help me at all. ZenExpense tells me how much to spend each time i decide to go shopping :)

Btw, it also handles tasks and appointments and creates expenses automatically!

Anyhow, i love it! What do you guys think?