For "Unified Ecosystems", Continuity is a Paradigm Shift

(Excuse the clickbaity title - I didn't know how to word it better)

Continuity in Apple's next OS updates sound really cool, but I was wondering why I liked the idea so much. For example, being able to start an email on a tablet, stride over to your computer, then continue working on it is something that just felt... cool.

Now, Apple isn't the first one to come up with a "unified ecosystem" vision - MS is known for pushing design languages across their platform. Even though Apple's implementation is more coherent aesthetically and MS's is more coherent engineering wise, I think the biggest takeaway is that continuity allows you to do the same tasks on different hardware. It isn't about having the same design language or the same kernel code, it's about having the same experience. In other words, Continuity feels like you're using the same "computer" on different hardware. That is what sets it different from anyone else. If Apple can continue to flesh this out, I think it'd be pretty awesome.