Help Choosing a Smartphone

I used to be a regular here until about a year ago where, for various reasons, I stopped following technology news. Anyways, I need help finding a smartphone.

I am stuck between a couple options and I need your advice. I don't really want much from my smartphone, so free-$100 is preferable. 2 Android options that caught my eye are the Moto X ($99) and the Lucid 3 (Free). 2 Windows Phone options that caught my eye are the Lumia Icon ($99) and the Lumia 822/922 (Free). As you can tell, these are all for Verizon.

I am already stuck on that price range, but if there are other suggestions I will gladly consider. I feel this is an awkward time to buy a phone anyways, I plan on picking this up around September, so time isn't an issue if in a new model is coming out. It has to be on Verizon too.

What I will use it for is pretty light smartphone stuff: GPS, texting, Twitter, a little bit of internet stuff, maybe a game or 2 (not worried about the Windows Phone issue though), and some music listening.

The main issue I am having is between Windows Phone and Android. I don't want to start a flame war, I just want objective help. I won't necessarily need the customization of Android, but I do have a jailbroken iPod Touch right now. Even though I wouldn't do that to my main phone, I do somewhat enjoy customization. The Lucid being the easy choice cuz of its price and the Moto X is for the updates (???).

As for the appeal of Windows Phone? Well, I will also be getting a Windows 8.1 Laptop around a similar time. This will probably be the bigger deciding factor. How well integrated are the Phone/Laptop combo for Windows? I believe the only integration I would get on Android would be a texting plugin with Google Chrome. Not that its that big of a deal, I just was curious what kind of integration there is.

I would be content with both OS designs, available apps/features, etc for these phones. I just need to make up my mind on the OS (and subsequently the best phone for my use that meets my use for the OS).

Thanks in advance for any help you give!