Rooster Teeth well beyond $650,000 INDIEGOGO goal in just 1 day

Rooster Teeth asked for $650,000 yesterday, and today they're already at $806,000. Not only am I excited for the movie, but I'm excited for the future of crowdfunding.

As we know, I'm not a fan of statism. The waste and corruption and utter disregard for our wellbeing that we see from government is precisely what you would expect after institutionalizing a magnet for pathological and sociopathic minds. Charging a psychopath-magnet with managing society couldn't possibly result in anything else—and historically, it never has.

So I get excited to see technology—specifically crowdfunding and social networking—bringing people together to facilitate grand projects. Because really, what is statism besides a monopoly on violence + crowdfunding as a machine supposedly built for facilitating grand projects? I have hope for a future where we can look back at hegemonic dominance hierarchies as the last vestigial remnant of our savage rise from prehistory. A future where crowdfunding and social networking relieve us of our dependence on that cold cruel monster, the state.