Vox // Why you should take notes by hand — not on a laptop

Why you should take notes by hand — not on a laptop

(...) it's because students on laptops usually just mindlessly type everything a professor says. Those taking notes by hand, though, have to actively listen and decide what's important — because they generally can't write fast enough to get everything down — which ultimately helps them learn.

Some of the test questions were straightforward, asking for a particular figure or fact, while others were conceptual, and asked students to compare or analyze ideas.

The two groups of students — laptop users and hand-writers — did pretty similarly on the factual questions. But the laptop users did significantly worse on the conceptual ones.

When done with pen and paper, that act involves active listening, trying to figure out what information is most important, and putting it down. When done on a laptop, it generally involves robotically taking in spoken words and converting them into typed text.

If it's not obvious enough: if you ever take notes on a laptop, sell it, get a SP3, of course.
added benefit over pen & paper: already digitalised, indexed.
questionable benefit over pen & paper: you can still get your 40% of distractions from the internet, if you choose so.

Why you should take notes by hand — on a Surface Pro.