Moto G the greatest budget smartphone of all time?

So I broke my Nexus 4 and didn't have money for a Nexus 5 so I ended up buying a Moto G and boy I am blown away by this. I just cannot believe that this thing costs $200. I initially planned on using the Moto G only for a month or so until I have more money but by all means I might just keep it as my main phone for a much longer time.

The single biggest surprise is the screen. Apart from viewing angles everything else about it is "high end" it even has an oleophobic coating which is so surprising for a phone of this range. Even the viewing angles are by no means a disaster and overall the screen definitely trumps the Nexus 4. You can say it's the same screen as a One X minus viewing angles.

Now lets talk about the look and build. Upon holding the phone for the first time you absolutely cannot tell it's a $200 phone. It's got a nice hefty matte plastic build and ergonomically it's a pleasure to hold. When I looked at pictures of this phone I really thought it was too bland and boring. But now I see it's a sheer black slab and I absolutely love this kinda of look. No logo at the front just sheer black front and the back is matte black just the way I like it. It's not nearly as good as a black Nexus 5 but still this is by no means an ugly looking phone.

I don't know who to give credit for performance? Motorola or Google? The single biggest worry I had with this phone was the 1 GB Ram but it has proved to be not so much a problem so far and I am using plenty of background apps. I suppose the main credit has to go to Google for making KitKat a highly efficient mobile OS. The Moto G has mid end hardware in terms of CPU and GPU but yet flies pretty much all the time which is proof of how far Android has come.

The battery life on this phone absolutely crushes the Nexus 4 and is probably on par with flagships of today if not better, its really that good. Again a hugely surprising thing considering the size of the battery and that I am running CM 11 so it cant be some special software optimizations.

The last bit I wanna talk about is the audio. The Moto G has one of the best speaker on a modern smartphone. It's not very high on quality but it's very high on volume with reasonably quality and that alone makes it better than so many of today's smartphones with terrible speakers. It also goes to show that not every phone needs to have stereo speakers as a single powerful speaker can get the job done too. The audio from headphones is also better than many recent flagship phones.

It honestly doesn't matter now that the camera was not better than my expectations. The important thing is that the camera is totally usable when you need to.

Going forward the life of this phone will be limited by the 16 GB internal storage and 1 GB Ram. But Motorola really deserves special love for making a device as good as this. This is the first Motorola phone I have ever owned and I truly wish them success in the upcoming years.