Are widgets useful to you?

I find that, for me, widgets have not been useful. Concise, at-a-glance and always updating sets of information always sound practical and time-saving in theory, but they don't really bring much value. I find that I will look for information voluntarily if I am genuinely interested. I also find that evens simple things like Countdown widgets are distracting and lose their significance over time. Because widgets are always in the same place, they sort of become blended into the user interface and do not catch my attention after some time.

If you use Android, Windows, or Mac - do you find widgets useful? Please share what widgets you use and how they add value to your life!

And do you think widgets in iOS 8 will be useful? I think it has an advantage in that it can be accessed anywhere with a swipe, and that it is not distracting, and it is concentrated in just one area of a user interface that doesn't mess up anything else no matter how many you put in.

Let the discussion begin!