iPhoto, good riddance.

I have been using mac's for many years and the number 1 complaint i hear on the blogs is iTunes. All i hear is iTunes is a hog (which can be at times), its unorganized, its confusing, and etc. Other then it being a hog at times and especially on windows I never really had a huge problem with it. My music collection is organized just fine, open quickly when i click on the icon, it plays immediately with out taking all day, it syncs with my iDevices with no problem, and i love to airplay it to my apple tv when i have company over.

But, when it comes to iPhoto it is the complete opposite because iPhoto is a fucking hog. It takes forever to launch the app, like seriously the iPhoto icon can bounce up and down for 60 seconds. When the app finally opens you get the buffering logo for another minute or two. The scrolling sucks and takes forever as well to just click on a event, photos, or even to just email a picture. iPhoto has been gotten worse for years especially the more photos I add to it. I refuse to open it anymore and luckily for photo stream it can add all my photos from that feature without me having to be bothered with it. The only time i open it is when i have to upload my videos to it which can be a bigger headache.

When I was watching the WWDC keynote my mouth dropped when i found out they were creating a new photos app that specifically works with iCloud. If this is the end for iPhoto then I'm all for it which is sad because i have grown to love what iPhoto was all about but all it downfalls made it just not worth it. The only feature i care for in iPhoto was faces and photo stream. Hopefully the face feature comes into the new photos app. I really hope the new photos app for Yosemite is everything apple says it is because its time for iPhoto to go. Damn, I really like the name iPhoto too.