Some iOS 8 Features and their Current Android CounterParts

Gizmodo usually does a decent thread after WWDC comparing the top features in the new iOS version to the current version of Android, people seem to be debating left and right about which is better, which is not the point here. I wanted to try to to a one to one comparison of certain features in iOS and where the are found in Android...if they are even there, just to level set those who do not use both platforms or who are not familiar. The major things I wanted to focus on are Widgets, App Extensions, and Actionable notifications as this is the area where for most folks the differences will arise.


iOS added glance able notifications to the notification center, which for many Apple users is a welcomed improvement. On the Android side of thing this feature is more or less seen through a multitude of places, it includes home screen widgets, lock screen widgets, and persistent notifications. iOS widgets are something more on the line of persistent notifications as they reside in the notification shade, but giving more information that one might find on a typical home screen widget

DashClock Widget - screenshot

Battery Widget Reborn (BETA) - screenshot

Weather & Clock Widget Android - screenshot

App Data Sharing and Extensions

iOS adds the new feature which for the most part many are touting a "App within an App" Now most of us will really have to test it out to see but for Android this can be more seen of who certain activities from another app can be called without leaving the apps screen. Examples of this are as follows

Third Party Keyboard and QuickType

This one is pretty straight forward so no reason to really, talk about much.

Google Keyboard - screenshot

Actionable Notifications

This is one where there is a bit of a difference as for Android these notifications are implemented in a multitude of ways. These can be done through message popups, quick reply buttons in the notification shade, or small bubbles like those used in FB Messenger. I do like the way iOS 8 has done it with the bar that comes across the top, my question is how does it work for a notification that has already come through?

2014-04-22 21.22.09

Continuity and Handoff

This one in my opinion falls into the, "is it even there," category. for the most part things like email drafts, Google Docs, Hangouts, and other cloud services have some level of "continuity" between mobile and desktop, but as I read it the level of integration Apple has put here, cannot truly be found on Android/Chrome as it currently sits. Maybe Project Hera and pieces of Nearby will bring some of that in, but this has always been the upside of going 100% into Apple's ecosystem. For those of us who pick and choose what ecosystems use what device, this is probably whatever.