M4/3 and FF users: is the perspective difference an issue?

I'm looking at making my first proper foray into digital photography, up until now shooting mostly on film SLRs and my phone. The Olympus OM-D EM-10 has really grasped my attention, great bang for the buck and the possibility of upgrading to the excellent EM-1 and with m4/3 being the most matured system. I'm worried, however, that the perspectives of the low-focal length lenses will put me off over time, being used to the combination of perspective and FoV a 50mm lens gives on FF. Everything seems much further away on my 24mm lens, which would give a 48mm equivalent FoV on m4/3.

So my question is addressed to those who came from full frame cameras and have either partially or completely moved to M4/3: is the wide perspective on most of the lenses an issue for you? Do you get used to it over time or should I take a closer look at Sony's offerings like the a6000? (Sony because their cheaper APSC cameras and their FF ones share a mount and they have good video options)