iPad Mini Retina - speaker volume sucks.

I've had my iPad Mini a retina for a while now, and I always thought the speaker volume seemed really low. I generally put it down to either low levels on the podcast I'm listening to or high ambient noise.

But it bugged me so I decided to test it next to my iPhone 5 playing the same music tracks and podcasts. I found the iPhone 5 speaker volume was a lot louder and clearer even. I checked all the settings volume limit and eq etc. everything was set to the max.

So I thought maybe I had a dud iPad, so I tried it with my friends iPad mini retina and found the same thing. The volume was pathetically low.

Now I know they have small speakers but it's so low that I can barely hear my podcasts on the iPad if there is any ambient noise, like if I'm out in the garden or if the dish washer is running etc.

I really hope they improve this with the next iPad because this really is almost unusable in many circumstances.

has anyone else had this problem? I looked on the Apple forums and there seems to be a lot of people complaining about the same thing.

i don't know why this wasn't picked up in any of the reviews online.