[Concept] Redesigning IE and File Explorer

UPDATE: Viewing the images here does no justice to the ~15 million pixels of the actual image. I suggest you click the image and view it from your browser.

Crumbleshake's take on Windows merging the desktop and Metro together is amazing, so I wanted to add to that as well, redesigning Windows built-in apps to make them function better using touch and mouse and keyboard.


File Explorer.

Completely redesigned to put the most important functions up front and center, as well as tabbed browsing. Get a peek at your uploads, file transfers while you browse your photos. Kudos to Phyletik for inspiring minimalist design.


A full view of File Explorer


The typography and well-placed buttons with an edgeless design.


App-specific charms function on the desktop in the taskbar.


Tabbed browsing for file management

Internet Explorer.

Condenses the functions of a full-featured browser into a compact yet functional experience. Minimize a tab and you see a screenshot of the website as well, making looking for a tab easier.


Clutter-free browsing.


One bar for tabs and searches.


Small touches that make it easier to switch between tabs.


Taking advantage of screen real estate to maximise area of searches - and have small screenshots of bookmarks to identify them better.

I'm working on a huge redesign concept for Windows because I feel that it's the only OS that presents a true future of a more functional, less cluttered user experience. Just want to let you guys have a taste of it first and give your comments before doing something incredible major.