Been working on this WP8 app for the past 3 months, please give it a try!

Rivetimg, a reddit image viewer / image browser


Description from the store:

Rivetimg is a fast and light weight Reddit Image Viewer where you can subscribe to whichever Subreddit you would like and browse it like you would any image gallery on your phone. View Funny, Cinemagraphs, Gifs, Catpictures and many many more.

Quick notes on usage: 
★ When viewing an image, you can press and hold the image to hide the app bar & title to allow a full screen viewing experience
★ When adding a new Subreddit, you can pinch to zoom the tile previews to suit your liking

Rivetimg is AD FREE and will stay that way!

Feedback, Questions and Requests can be posted on

★ Large Live Tile with a cycling image of the last 10 added Subreddits
★ Pin any Subreddit to your start screen
★ Download and share images from Subreddit to social media sites, email and more
★ Animated Looping GIF support through GfyCat
★ Direct tie-in to Imgur, Flickr, 500px, DeviantArt and SmugMug. More coming soon!
★ Imgur Gallery support
★ Filter by Subreddit to show Hot, Top, New posts and more
★ Set your favourite Subreddit as your lock-screen! 10 pictures will cycle through the day
★ Add your favourite Subreddit from a predefined list, or type in your own with Auto completion support
★ Theme support, with more themes added on request
★ Pin a transparent tile from the Settings menu

Premium Features:
★ Password protection
★ Download entire galleries with a push of a button
★ Access age restricted content
★ Add any image you are viewing to your custom lock screen collection

If you have any questions, suggestions or the likes, feel free to ask here, post on reddit or use the feedback form within the app.

Thanks for your time!

PS: You do not need a reddit account to use the app.