Battery life

Am I the only one that's fed up with Android battery life? I spend more time managing my battery life, looking for fixes to wakelocks, identifying battery sucking apps, trying to disable things in the hope that it might help with standby.

Right now, Google Play Services is chomping at my battery. If it's not that, it's location services. Or the proximity sensor acting up. People have been asking for many things from Google I/O, I'd be very happy if they would just fix battery life. It's just such a pain and a constant source of annoyance to always look at the battery and hoping I'll have enough to get home.

I don't care about extra performance, I'm fine with what we have now, I don't care about a redesign of Android, it looks fine now, I don't care or want anything else more than consistent battery life. And most of the problems lie with the software. The hardware is there, but it's getting ripped to pieces by poorly coded apps, aggressive location reporting etc.

Google, just fix your shit already.